Frank Shebesh is a husband of the Nairobi Women Representative Rachel Shebesh, who was given a severe slap on her cheeks by the Nairobi Governor Dr. Evans Kidero.
For the first time Frank has spoken out about the incident condemning it bitterly and hurling insults at the 'Rogue' Kidero. He has accused Kidero of lying to the public that his wife Rachel touched the governor's balls in defense the governor acted swiftly by slapping her. Mean while Rachel has said the incident did not dampen her spirits instead she feels more motivated to fight for the women's rights.
Here is a reaction from Kenyans on a  facebook people;
Arif Gully Side Frank, Kidero did you a favour bro by teaching your wife some manners. So calm down and give thanks to the Governor.

Josphat Avuya Shame on you.Teach your wife to tespect people or else she will be served several hot coffees (kofi).
Najma Ismael K Frank chapa mtu!  
He's the coward..
 Dicky Make Omwansa nonsense silly man ukumbuki last week tu ndio emtoka ku Kiss sonko in public enyewe mjinga ni mjinga nktanye mpararo wewe teach your wife kuishi na watu
 Sunray Jacob Frank umekaliwa na Rachel haki. Wakikuyu hawaolewi western, u made a very grave mistake 
Kenedy Kisuge Kenchez who named frank in the first place?hata umebeat ndo maana bibiako anashikashika wanaume makende.
  Kyalo Charles Those are not ur words but implanted wrd. You shud pity urself.. Teach ur wife how to differentiate manners and ranks!nkt
 Paul Woods Mr Frank u beta get another wife. That woman has not been yet..she needs thorough beating
 Lawi Oderoh Lawi She said she has never been slapped by a man!Frank ni bure kabisa,nowonder she disrespects men publicly
 David Tuwei Holly Molly,so she does have a husband?Then that man is disgrace to menfolk.Hata yeye achapwe kofi.
 John Oloo Mr shebesh...u shud thank kidero for doing wat u shd hv done lng tym ago.
 Joy Mercedez well...i never thought rachel shebesh is married,the way she behaves like a single girl
 Wangari Muturi All these comments have a trend that I'd rather not mention here. 
 Kelvin Aloo Fat man u would better keep off the media you are now a ridicule to the society you judge a house by itNyar Alego so she has a husband yet she went ahead to touch anotha wman's husband goodiess owners.
 Beatrice Kariuki thers a problem in this governance.insulting Sheb or Frnk dosn't help at all.Slapng her is demeaning her.Apologise Mr.Kidero.
 Ben Wandera LMAO Cheap cheap PUBLICITY Mbona hukuteta Waititu akikunyosha Umenyoshwa na watu wengi umeona Kidero ndio highway
Naftali Osoro Ukiona mwanamke ana kiherehere kama ya uyu, jua shida ni mwanaume! Up ur bed game Frank and ur wife will never disrespect men again!!  
 Nyar Alego so she has a husband yet she went ahead to touch anotha wman's husband goodies
 Mbae Magite Since Kidero can not heed my pro-bono advice to apologize and say sorry to Shebesh,I 2 don't care...


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